Great care has been taken to provide you with the best of facilities by way of :

Rooms: There are 3 rooms on the ground floor with attached bathrooms and 3 rooms on the first floor having 2 attached bathrooms.The first floor can also be used by a large familly as a suite with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The out house has Three bedrooms with attached bathroom and a lobby for the guests to sit and have their meals.

Dining & The drawing room: There is a Bukhari in the drawing room which is fired up in winter.

Chef & the Cusine: Both the cottages are catered to by our resident Chef Mohan and the room service staff Sushila and Bhuvan. Special care is taken in hygienic preparation of all meals. Organic food is also offered which is locally grown by the villagers.

Romancing the night: Bar-be-que evening: Just outside the Cottage there is a Bar-Be-Que and a round house where guests chill out with log fires.

  • Pool
  • Home theater/Conference room

Projector and Surround System: There is a Home theatre room on the first floor which also acts as a bedroom,with a DVD player a surround sound system and a overhead projector and a screen/ large Television.Direct to Home TV channels are installed.The pool table is on the ground floor.Both these services can be availed of at an addittional price.